Maxscript: DofToy 0.6 ..virtual camera settings for max

Christian Bauer / 1-2008

Doftoy for max

Too long - nothings happens here, Sorry! But now i want to offer a new version of the famous DOF-TOY maxscript and it works now very well with vray and MR(max2008) by. configuring the camera/rendersettings:
NOW!! You get what you see in your viewport: visible = sharp/in focus, invisble = unsharp /out of focus. ;) more

Maxscript: Splits your Objects by it's material IDs

Christian Bauer / 8-2005

Split your obect by matids  - for 3dsmax

This maxscript is spliting your objects by the material IDs and generates for evey MatID a new Object with the correct material. This handy tool can help you by baking textures or exporting objects to different formats. more

Maxscript: Maxcamera to lightscape animation file exporter

Christian Bauer / 7-2005

Lightscape animation file exporter for 3dsmax

This script take your camera in 3dsmax and export the motion to the beloved lightscape animation fileformat (*.la). Autodesk simply doesn't support this fileformat ..they maybe think that LSV user are happy with the thousands LP and Viewfile. ;) more

Maxscript: DofToy 0.4 ..virtual camera settings for max

Christian Bauer / 3-2005

Doftoy for max

This Toy is a hint for all 3dsmax users AND softwaredeveloper to start using and playing around with values from a real camera to setup Dof in 3dsmax...instead fakes or wrong Params offered by several renderers today!
This script uses the manual clipping feature from the maxcamera to show you only the sharp areas. Everything invisible would be blured by the real Lens. more

Maxscript: Panotour Bugfixes for Brazil and Vray

Christian Bauer / 3-2005

panotour logo

This update focus the brazil part of the script. There was a bug which causes the renderer to render only black buckets. It's now fixed
I also updated the vray part. Now the script doesn't manage the imap processing and let you decide if you want to use bucket rendering and distributed rendering more

Maxscript: Lightscape attribut to architectural material converter

Christian Bauer / 10-2004

convert lightscape to max

This script converts a lightscape attribut library to max/viz architectural material. The architectural material is taken from lightscape to max , soit makes absolute sense to try to convert the attributes from lightscape to max. the reflections and appearence is much much better then any other max more

Updated Tutorial of HDR skydomes with hdrshop :.

Christian Bauer / 9-2004

hdri library

It was three years ago, when i wrote a Tutorial about using a serie of fisheye images to create an hdri skydome for lighten a 3d scene. I used mkhdr.exe to generate hdr images, but after a while i started to use hdrshop.
This is now an updated Tutorial about an old technique and it seems so that it's still actual because Bernhard Rieder pointed me to a siggraph paper with a similar but more science topic about "Direct Hdr capturing the sun and sky" ...anyway, my way is more the Q'n'D way for lazy ppl.

The hdr library is back:.

Christian Bauer / 8-2004

hdri library

The library is back on the 3dweave server. We are planing to re compress the archives and add our new SDR(smart dynamic range) technique to the archives in end of September. We also will add tiff logluv hdri's for our friends on a mac.

the secret eScape of Light 0.3 ..a GUI for lightscape.

Christian Bauer / 3-2004

escape for lightscape

I'm really proud! This is my first software i wrote and it's perfect if you want to have a streamlined workflow with Lightscape.
This tool is your control center over LSray, LSrad, LSrender, LSmerge and LS2vrml. This tool generates previews, let you change nearly all render settings and let you output real vrml models.

Download the Demo and donate something with payal and you will get the full version. >read more about eScape for lightscape

"The Spacestory" for an Austrian Fashion mag.

Christian Bauer / 3-2004


Believe me.. that was a hard job for us... Up to the outer space spacestation with a shuttle, then decorate the spacestation for the shooting, create the antigravitation floors and a uniqe beamersystem (there wasn't enough budget for another shuttle to bring the model to the spacestation) and at the end we have to repair and exchange the neonlights on the whole spacestation(!) BUT then everything works perfect! Our model beamed up correctly (she was still intact i can say it...we wasn't sure about this!) Then Robert Osmark shoot six photos and everything was fine least for us...
Please don't ask for information about the spacestation. We needed to much energy during the photoshooting and ..well the beamer , how can i say it... shortly after we beamed us back to earth ,the groundcontroll registered a short energy overflow ..a very short overflow and then nothing! ..dunno *g* >see more detailed images in the gallery of the spacestory


Stephen Leger ( member from ) completly rewrote the htmloutput code to generate only one html file for the tour , which let you better integrate in existing webdesigns. Stephen also enhanced the Helperobject and the connect target code and many other fine details. ..I can only say ..WOW!!! This time it'S not only Working, ... it's a dream to work with the script more

The imapbuilder mutaded! I finished a script which will generate a complete panoramatour with few mouseclicks: Generate panonodes, connect them , and output to images and html files... it's really easy and works with most renderer. Only Finalrender seems to make troubles. more

Coming from lightscape, i know how handy a static radiosity can be: You have shorter rendertimes without flickering. Last week i was to lazy for the usual workflow .. from viz to LS and back ....and decided to try vray for interior renderings.
I take my old idea to capture the GI with omnidirectional rays to a static solution and wrote something i want to name "turtlescript" ...It worked!
With that script you can generate a static GI for a smaller interiorscenes within 10-20 minutes and also get a spherical panorama which can be used for webpresentations.
I still work on the script .. so expect more goodies.

After some weeks of testing, i can proudly announce that you will find some mp3 soundenviroments on the RED virtualvienna panoramatour. You can use them with your favorite 3d app to improve quality on animations.
Recorded with state of the art microphones and with the best mobil musicrecorder on the market. Don't ask for product names, because even the microphones are rare handmade pieces made by the guru itself! ..i'm impressed!

Relaunch and Redesign:

Christian Bauer / 7-2003

Welcome !

We have a new provider with more bandwidth and better support. The server is now in germany, but it shouldn't be slower for visitors from oversea since our old provider offered only little bandwidth. The new server is located next to a mayor backbone.
I also redisigned the UI. It's much faster and without that OS like menu. ..hope you like it.

//New renderchallenge: this time it's a Scene by Christian Bloch. Christian Bauer / 6-2003


This time we have a scene which deals about hdri lighting. You will get everything you need to test an interior with CG objects and a BG photography. The scene should be completly lightened by one hdr image and no other lightsource. The model was provided by Christian Bloch ..please visit his page ( .


The Lightbox;
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From a Fisheye to a hdr skydome 2
How to tweak hdr images;
How to selfillumination in Viz4;
How to tweak Lightscape;
How to create a Pano-rama image;
How to create an Hdri-Dome;
How to remove the photographer from an mirrorball;

MxS:LS attribut to Arch mat
MxS:lightgen importer
eScape for lightscape
MxS:Panotour builder
The Hdri Library (;
The weekly hdr;
3d meshes*;




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