Christian Bauer 2005

Lightscape Animationfile(*.la) Exporter for max4-7

This tiny little script is all you will need if you have a ready to go camerapath in max and want to render a scene with this camera in Lightscape. Discreet maybe have forgotten to write the animationfile exporter for max... i needed this exporter so i invested one hour to write the script and now additonal 30minutes to add a little UI.

You have to run the script once and then find it in the maxscript rollout / utilitymenu.

It works in a simple way and with a basic workflow:
Change start and endtime of the timeline to the lenght of your cameramovement and then select
your targetcamera (freecam doesnt work) and open the rollout of the
script and define the interval of keys the script should output. =

There are some limitations:
Since the la fileformat is somehow splitted into a positionkey part and a timekey format, i wasn't able (or to lazy) to respect changes in the timeflow of your animation. The cameramovement will be *linear*.
The exporter need a max targetcamera and will only work with this basic camera.
At the moment it's not possible for me to export only the keyframes of a camerapath, since this la format is really very strange!

Download version 0.3 of the 3dsmax camera to lightscape animation format converter

have fun and please don't forget to send me a Postcard if the script was usefull!

Please honor my work with a postcard or a little donation (5-10 euro);
This Tool is at least postcardware's not Freeware!

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